Standards at Every Stage


SAY, to ensure business continuity; sees constantly improving product and service quality, establishing ethical and transparent collaborations with all its stakeholders, ensuring customer satisfaction, compliance with international standards, and integrating risk and opportunity analyzes into all processes as the responsibility of a good governance approach.

SAY carries out all its activities with a production understanding that respects the environment and natural resources by being aware of its environmental responsibilities. Responsible for fulfilling the obligations of the Environmental Law. In this context, full compliance with the legislation has been achieved. It works in full compliance with national and international standards. At the same time, policies have been set for the improvement of environmental performance with EMS requirements and the follow-up of targets has been ensured. It accepts policy and international standards as decisive in managing its environmental performance.

To ensure occupational health and safety in our activities, to develop and implement systems to prevent occupational accidents; our employees; by making the working environment safer, we aim to improve health and quality of life by ensuring the presence of information and resources together with job security.

In this regard, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and, certified according to EN ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Compliance Quality Management System and EN 1090 Steel and Aluminum Based Building and Components Technical Requirements standards.


We carry out all processes meticulously by adopting international quality standards. We provide product-specific requirements with input, process and final controls and secure them within our integrated management system by referencing customer expectations.