Superior Quality and Full Service

We manufacture products for global renewable energy companies in line with international standards, and make a difference with our supply chain management service.


Tower Interior Components

We manufacture all metal parts in wind turbine towers in accordance with international quality standards.
- Platforms
- Catwalks
- Railings
- Mounting brackets for electrical and electronic parts
- Ventilation ducts
- Other metal parts


Tower Exterior Components

We manufacture the exterior components of the wind turbine towers in line with our high-quality standards.
- Tower entrance doors
- External stairs
- Security fences


Transport Frames

Our product portfolio also includes transport frames for large wind turbine components. We manufacture and ship all types and sizes of galvanized or painted component transport constructions in the C5 corrosion class.
- Blade transport frames
- Stator transport frames
- Generator transport frames
- Rotor transport frames


Other Products

There is a wide range of parts with different specifications that enable large components such as generators, rotors, and towers to seamlessly function together. We manufacture these parts of turbine, generator and tower components and assemble them in our facilities.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We can form and process structural steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials with different properties in our facilities in accordance with industrial standards.

and plasma cutting up to 30 mm

CNC bending up to 20 mm thickness and 6000 mm length

powder coating

Arc, Mag and Tig welding according to EN4063 standard


Supply Chain Management

The experience of Say’s competent team in the industry enables us to reach a wide supply network and takes us beyond being solely a manufacturing company.

On behalf of our clients, we take on the supply chain management of materials and products for wind turbines, that are out of our manufacturing scope. We door deliver these materials together with our own products to domestic and foreign clients from a single source.

We are proud to be the first and only company providing these services in our country.