The Journey

Our journey began in 1989 with industrial signage products.

Say from Past to Present

Our activities started in 1989 under Say Reklam brand, in the industrial signage sector.

Towards a Sustainable Future

The idea of leaving a world worth living to future generations lies at the core of all our activities. We continuously strive to achieve better results in terms of sustainability, both in our manufacturing processes and in our working conditions. We focus on the sustainable use of natural resources, energy efficiency, waste management, and give great importance to providing an egalitarian, open for improvement, and transparent work environment.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

We work towards the vision of being the preferred and leading company in our fields of operation.

Our mission is manufacturing high-quality, industrial equipment on time, at competitive prices, and through the effective contribution of all our employees without compromising the principles of work safety and environment.

Development of our employees, working towards a sustainable future, being a united team, and commitment to ethical values are our core values.